Toms River Attorneys Defend Companies Against Repetitive Stress Claims

New Jersey workers’ compensation defense lawyers protect your business

The Toms River lawyers at Salzer & Salzer, LLC defend companies against repetitive stress and repetitive motion workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation doesn’t just apply to those who slip or fall at work. It also provides benefits for those who are hurt due to repetitive motions or extended exposure. Workers often attribute damage to their muscles, their back, their ears and other body systems that has happened over time to their employment. Our attorneys work to limit your liability by proving the injuries are not work related, are not as severe as alleged, or are completely nonexistent.

Understanding repetitive motion injury claims

Repetitive stress injuries have a firm basis in medicine, but in examining countless claims for this sort of injury it becomes very clear that not every repetitive motion is stressful, not all stress comes from work activities, and not every claim is legitimate. Conservative estimates put workers’ compensation fraud at 10 percent of all claims. Fraud can come from a false claim or an exaggerated claim. Our attorneys have successfully defended Toms River companies against all types of overblown and false claims.

Other types of long-term work injuries

In addition to injuries due to long-term repetition, some injuries are caused by long-term exposure. Workers may claim to experience hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to sound. But if they are subjecting themselves to loud noises in their off-time, through headphones, stereo speakers, motorcycle engines and recreational shooting, is their hearing loss really work related? Salzer & Salzer, LLC does an in-depth investigation of all possible causes to pinpoint the actual cause of what is alleged to be an occupational illness. If the facts don’t add up to a work-related claim, we can protect you from liability.

Common repetitive stress injuries among Toms River workers

Some of the most common types of exposure and repetitive stress injuries are:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendinitis and tendinosis
  • Hearing loss
  • Back problems
  • De Quervain syndrome
  • Tennis elbow

All of these injuries can be caused by activities other than work. Our Toms River workers’ comp defense attorneys protect your businesses from specious claims of repetitive stress injuries for which you should not be held liable.

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